A Look at Computer Technology

About PCs

About PCs

PC is shorthand for personal computer. More specifically this refers to computers with a Windows-based operating system. This type of computer is more commonly use in businesses and by gamers. In general, PCs are less expensive than a similar Mac-based system.

About Macs

About Macs

Mac is a term used to refer to all computer manufactured by Apple. They use an operating system called OS X. Macs are generally perceived to be luxury machines and come with a higher price tag. They are especially popular among students and graphic designers.



Computing has evolved dramatically in the last decade. Where previous advances brought increases in processor speed or storage capacity, new form factors have emerged that have made computing truly mobile. Tablets today are more powerful than full PCs of only a few years ago.



The latest innovations in computer technology involve wearable computing. Google Glass and smart watches represent a new wave in consumer tech. These devices aim to be incorporated in our day-to-day lives in a way that even tablets and smart phones can’t approach.

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